"What's the worst thing you've ever seen?"

It's the one question that we hate to answer... and the one question that everyone asks.

PTSD in the first responder community is very real. It affects hundreds of thousands of EMS personnel, firefighters, police officers and 911 dispatchers – as well as their family members and friends. It affects everyone differently – some have flashbacks and insomnia; some become reclusive and hide, drinking themselves to sleep every night – others pay the ultimate sacrifice and take their own lives. Often the symptoms of PTSD are well concealed. Many first responders are afraid to share their feelings or are ashamed to feel "weak". After all, it's all just part of the job. It might be difficult to escape the symptoms of PTSD, but it can be managed. Help is available, and it's ok to ask for it. That's what this campaign is all about. – helping first responders in managing the ghosts that haunt them. Our goal is to provide the necessary resources to our public and private safety communities by raising awareness of post traumatic stress in the first responder community, and through the creation and management of peer support groups.